Update: Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Panda Man was quickly rejected by the hubby. He was seriously considering Uber Man and Stud, but in the end, the Littlest Man and I decided on the Mayor. We thought we should at least let the guy feel like he’s in charge around here once in a while!

Of course the Little Bunny has a million pseudonyms already, so we are good there. But we are trying to decide on a a “blog name” for my hubby and we need your help!  Please leave suggestions in the comments.

Here are some fun facts that might help:

  • He recently took a Facebook quiz that reported his Native American name is “Thunder Horse.” 
  • He can dance ridiculously well.  Like salsa and merengue.  And he’s white.
  • He’s buff.
  • He reads books by Pavel Tsatsouline about Russian Ketllebell training.  Pavel’s jeans are funny.
  • He was vegan for a week.
  • Today before dinner, he asked, isn’t there anymore meat?
  • He’s really good at almost every sport, but he would say he’s mediocre at almost every sport.
  • He is a really-involved dad – we take turns with everything – diaper changes, bed time, feeding, bottle cleaning (he probably does more of that than me), laundry, etc.
  • He is an awesome singer and makes up songs about the Bunny.

The Husband