At various points in my life I have tried to like running. The peak of my running career was during my second year of law school. I maxed out at 6 miles (once). Right now, not so much. But no matter what, I always love walking. I love walking for exercise, for relaxation, for sightseeing, and even for errands.

There have been a few times in my life that I have lived in a place that allowed me to enjoy true walkability (though I’m not sure I appreciated it). Now we are in San Diego where public transportation is rarely used and the only thing worth walking to from our little subdivision is a Starbucks and a Fresh & Easy grocery store. The Mayor drives 30 minutes South and I drive 20 minutes North to reach our respective work locations. But even here, we still make the most of what little walkability we have. Every morning the Little Bunny and I go on a run walk that ends at our neighborhood Starbucks. Every evening, the Mayor joins us for a walk back to Starbucks and then on to Fresh & Easy.

While I enjoy these jaunts, I would love to have more of my world within walking distance – perhaps a favorite breakfast place, a better grocery store, a mom and pop coffee shop, a nice park and library. Of course working within walking distance of home would also be ideal, but given the realities of a modern family with two working parents, I wonder if that is possible short of moving to NYC.

You can find the “walkability” score for your neighborhood at this site.

Readers, do you agree with your neighborhood’s score? Any readers have great walkability?