The Little Man goes to bed on the early side, so we have rarely (if ever) taken him out to dinner. But lunch and breakfast? He has been all over town! Sometimes he is asleep for these adventures but sometimes not. Sometimes he sits quietly in his car seat. Sometimes he gets fussy, and one of us has to stand up and bounce him around. Sometimes he is happy, but loud, cooing and giggling. If he is inconsolable, we take him outside. If he is just “expressing himself,” we don’t.

On Easter Sunday we took him to breakfast. We sat on an outdoor sidewalk patio at a semi-nice place ($10 breakfast entrees). The restaurant itself was empty, but ten patio tables were full. One customer had his dog with him. Little Man was about six months old at the time. He was very happy, and showing it.

While we were waiting for the check, a new group took the table next to us. Little Man continued with his happy squeals  while his dad lifted him in the air over and over again (see picture). The group next to us began talking loudly (clearly for our benefit) about how children have no discipline and parents let them do whatever they want and it must be a “west coast thing”.  Little Man did not appreciate their comments.

Causing a Ruckus


They didn’t discourage us, though.  Here’s us on Father’s Day, causing a Ruckus again.

Well, you can probably guess where I come out on this.  I plan to continue living my life and bringing my Little Man along for the ride.  What do you all think? Should we hide out at home until our children are old enough to understand rules and “appropriate” behavior?