The Mayor is out of town this weekend at a family wedding, so that means I am on my own for (adult) dinner. Even when I am alone, I like to eat something satisfying that won’t leave me feeling awful. A bowl of cereal definitely will not cut it.

Individual Burger Bun Pizzas
On Friday night I made individual pepperoni pizzas. I had made pizzas for the Mayor and I the night before, so I had some leftover ingredients. I didn’t have any pizza dough or anything remotely similar, so I improvised and used hamburger buns. I preheated the oven to 400, spread some spaghetti sauce on the buns, covered with pepperoni, and sprinkled with low fat mozzarella. For seasoning, I sprinkled the top with kosher salt, pepper, and fresh oregano (the kosher salt on top really makes a difference). I baked until cheese melted.

Boca Chick’n Tortillas
Tonight I made one of my “cooking for one” staples – Boca Chick’n Tortillas. I have made these so many different ways, since I first invented these in law school. Now I almost always have boca chick’n patties in the freezer and tortillas in the refrigerator. The rest of the ingredients are completely flexible. (By the way, these are vegan.)

Tonight’s version of Boca Chick’n Tortillas was made with cherry tomatoes, onions, radishes, and lettuce. I started with some hot olive oil in a pan over medium heat. I sliced onions and radishes and added to hot oil. When softened, I added cherry tomatoes sliced in half and sprinkled with kosher salt, pepper, and cumin. I cooked one boca chick’n patty in microwave for one minute, then added to pan and broke up with spatula. I then transferred everything from the pan to a plate, and heated one tortilla in the hot pan just until warm (30 seconds should do it). Filled tortilla with prepared ingredients and chopped lettuce.

Other “Cooking For One” Tips
Remember, cooking for one is always a little better with a glass of wine. Check out this one from Spain!