On Friday I took the day off and decided to go on a field trip to the New Children’s Museum with the Bunny. Because he was still under one, he was free, and with a military discount, I was only $5 (regular price is $10 for everyone over one). The Bunny is still a bit young to fully enjoy the museum, but for $5 it was a great time. We started out in the toddler room which is set up as a forrest with trees, pillows shaped like rocks, fake grass, mushrooms growing from the ground, and leaves hanging from the ceiling. The Bunny was a little timid at first, but eventually started crawling around in the prickly “grass” and banging on the “rocks.”



Then we moved on to the pillow room. Oh the pillow room….a child’s fantasy! The floor of the pillow room is lined with mattresses and blankets and the room is filled with pillows in the shape of tires. The older kids bound around the room in one big pillow fight. The Bunny tentatively climbed from tire to tire, but I think he had just as much fun as the “big” kids.


(I cleaned his hands thoroughly after this activity because I am crazy like that).

We ended our visit in yet another room of pillows – this one filled with sunlight.


We spent about an hour there, but it looked like older kids would have even more to do. There are employees stationed throughout the museum organizing arts and crafts activities (the museum considers itself a contemporary art museum as well). The best part was an old beat up Volkswagen bug on the front patio that the kids were encouraged to paint. The museum supplied aprons and painting supplies and let them go at it. We will definitely be back when the Bunny is old enough to do that! They also have a cafe with organic to-go food. All in all a great place to spend a few hours with kids in San Diego!

If you’d like to grab some breakfast before your visit, try Richard Walker’s Pancake house. Its right next door.