Welcome to Bunny Bites!  

I am a mom to an adorable, hilarious, incredibly strong (really, like Arnold) 10-month-old baby boy.   We call him Bunny or Little Man or Tiniest Man or Tiny Man or, well, you get the idea.

Baby Bunny

My husband and I met in law school in Florida and then moved to Virginia and San Diego courtesy of the military.  For now we are soaking up the sun and the scenery in America’s Finest City.  

Here is my husband, the Mayor

The Mayor
And, you can call me Bunny Baby Mama or just Bunny Mama for short.


You are probably wondering about the Blog name, so here it is:

“Bunny” – Legend has it that my mother wanted to name me “Bonita,” so that she could call me “Bunny” for short.  She thought the name would be fitting because she imagined that I would be a cheerleader with bows in my hair (I wasn’t).  I shared this story with my husband and it became a running joke.  Now everything is “Bunny.”  Our son is “the littlest tiniest Bunny.”   Naturally, this blog also had to be “Bunny.”  “Being a Bunny” means enjoying life – going on picnics, planning trips to bed and breakfasts or cottages in quaint beach towns, roaming around the farmer’s market, taking pictures of my baby, making ridiculous happy faces (see picture above) while “dancing” (typically at home). Being a Bunny is fun, but I must warn you – it is not cool.

“Bites” – I like to cook.  But let me clarify.  I am not a chef.  Or a perfectionist.  Or even sophisticated. I just like to cook.  And I make some pretty tasty stuff, but sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes my burgers crumble, but I still serve them because they are delicious.  I make a mean Spaghetti with meat sauce.  My husband loves my spaghetti (primarily because I make a lot).  I make picnic fare and easy weeknight meals. Sometimes I bake.  I know a vegan (and my husband was almost converted), so occasionally I make vegan stuff too.

Cooking with the Tiniest Man

Product Review Policies
I often review products that I enjoy or find helpful in my life (prime example is “Have a Glass Fridays”). After I write the review, I typically send a link to the manufacturer or seller of the product notifying them of my review. I have never been compensated in any way for any review. However, if I am ever compensated for a review in the future (including with a free product), I will always disclose that at the top of the post. I will only review products that are relevant to my life and the life of my readers. If I cannot recommend a product that I have been paid to review, I will return the product and any additional compensation.

How to Contact Me
You can email me at bunnybabymama at gmail dot com to tell me how much you love my blog.  If you want to send me some free (preferably, tiny) stuff to review for my readers, that would be cool too (see product review policy above).  Just no rice cookers, please.