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Bunny shares her favorite affordable, practical products that are appealing to the space-conscious consumer.

Oprah has her favorite things. Martha has good things. And Bunny? She has tiny things! Bunny’s Tiny Things are products I recommend that are either (1) actually tiny, (2) tiny relative to their usefulness, or (3) tiny relative to other similar products. Bunny’s Tiny Things are loved by Tiny Living lovers and Big Living lovers alike.

Today’s tiny thing is this amazing portable table from Crate and Barrel. The table rolls up and can be placed in a small bag, similar to a yoga bag. It is $44.95 and available online.

Table in a Bag

Crate and Barrel Table in a Bag

Crate and Barrel is advertising this as a picnic or camping table, which I think is fabulous (obviously). But I think the table has other potential uses as well. For example, many new parents find that a coffee table is impracticle with a little rug rat running around bumping his head on things. With this table, parents could set it up for dinner or drinks after the baby is in bed and then roll it back up for play time in the morning. The table would also be ideal for those living in small spaces, like dorm rooms, who want to maximize floor space when the table is not in use.

I ordered my very own Table in a Bag last week. I will let you know if it meets expectations.


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