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The Little Man’s communication skills have been slowly developing over the past 11 months. Tiny Man was always way ahead of himself on physical milestones (rolled over at three months), but he was always closer to his adjusted age on verbal milestones. For months, he cried inconsolably at night as we all struggled to understand each other. We longed for the first smile, giggle, coo, gurgle, squeal, and sign of understanding. Each milestone was a celebration.

For the mom of a former colicky preemie, the past few weeks have been amazing. It all started with kisses. I began by putting my cheek in front of the Bunny and asking for “kisses.” If I put it in just the right spot, he would open his mouth and give me a big slobbery kiss. Then one day, I could just say “kisses” without putting my cheek in front of him, and he would turn towards me with open mouth.

This weekend, Bunny discovered a new game. He realized that when he lifted both arms over his head, we would do the same thing and exclaim, “arms up.” He started doing it over and over again, each time looking to see if we had followed his lead. Yesterday, I started asking him if we could do “arms up.” He would wait just a few seconds (for suspense) and then shoot his arms into the air.

But the most magical moment was today. Little Man has the book “Where is Baby’s Belly Button?” As you might expect, one page asks, “Where is Baby’s Belly Button?” To find the answer, you have to lift the baby’s shirt. As we were reading the book today, I asked Tiniest Man “Where is Baby’s Belly Button?” And what do you think he did? He lifted his shirt!

There is nothing like the feeling of finally being able to communicate with the one you love.

Ahh, now these are good times!


Every Sunday I suggest an easy picnic recipe – something light and portable, perfect for some outdoor family time.

Little Man’s Aunt Polly is in town this weekend, and he is smitten! Yesterday, we decided to go scope out Bonita Cove as a potential picnic location for Little Man’s first birthday. In theory the spot is ideal – it is on the bay, it has a playground, and it has big shade trees. And we had a great time (though parking was scarce). We practiced walking in the grass, and the Little Bunny started getting more adventurous, crawling off his mat to grab random leaves and acorns. We also read The Little Island while Little Man made goo goo eyes at Aunt Polly.


Aunt Polly Makes Bunny Faces Too

Aunt Polly Makes Bunny Faces Too



For lunch we packed these Sweet & Savory Clubwiches (recipe adapted from this Cooking Light recipe I found a few years ago). They are delicious!


Sweet & Savory Clubwiches

Sweet & Savory Clubwiches

First, prepare the bacon. I use fully cooked turkey bacon, sprinkle it with brown sugar, and bake it at about 400 for 5-10 minutes. Just follow the directions on your package of bacon and cook until you achieve your desired texture. The brown sugar makes an awesome sweet glazed crispiness on the bacon. Cut bacon strips in half.

Next, assemble your sandwiches. For the bread, I use Hawaiian Sandwich Rolls. They have started coming out with these larger sized Hawaiian rolls, but even if you can’t find them, you can use smaller rolls for mini sandwiches. I have even seen Hawaiian sliced bread. Spread dijon mustard on bread. Layer sliced turkey or chicken, bacon, bread and butter pickles (these add more sweetness than dill), and swiss cheese.

Finally, press your sandwiches. If you have a sandwich press, that’s great. I just use a pan with some olive oil and press with a cast iron hand press. You could also use a heavy pan or plate on top of your sandwich. You could even use any heavy household item covered in aluminum foil. Cook on both sides until browned and cheese melts.

Cut sandwiches in half diagonally.

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